Official Apology

This certificate differs from the Admission of Guilt, in that it apologizes for actions that aren't necessarily crimes that warrant a confession. And where the Admission of Guilt confesses to things no one (or at least the certificate recipient) knows you did; the Official Apology is for things that they are already aware of. Like when you act in a way that is rude or thoughtless. You wouldn't confess to that because we already know you were rude and thoughtless. Instead, a written apology will do nicely, thank you.



For ...

Events forgotten
Raised voices
Doors slammed
Phones hung up on
Mean words
Willful stupidity
Promises broken
Presents not given

&c ...

Production notes

Approx. 10 x 8 inches

Foil-stamped in metallic purple foil on card-weight paper.