Major Award of Distinction

When you are very pleased indeed with someone's achievement or actions; when you're proud to know them; when you think you might throw them a parade or want to at least go a little beyond a hearty handshake or bear hug. This is a good time to bestow upon them a Major Award of Distinction.




For ...

Being made Partner
Starting a business
Becoming ship Captain
Passing the bar
Getting a film award
Acts of heroism
Entering the Olympics
Becoming a Chess Grand Master
Getting a prestigious prize
Performing a difficult operation
Catching a thief
&c ...

Production notes

This design was hand made by placing pins, buttons, beads and sequins in a complex arrangement on watercolour paper before photographing. The text is hand drawn in ink.

Approx. 10 x 8 inches

Printed in colour
on card-weight paper