Peace Treaty

Sometimes you fight with the people you like and love. Sometimes it goes on and on, and someone needs to step in and negotiate peace. At some point someone will say, "Enough, already!" It may be an adult. It may be a child. It may be one of the people arguing. It may be an outside witness who can't take it anymore. The treaty may be signed by two or more people: once signed, the war is over. Anyone who restarts the argument may have the treaty waved in their face.



For ...

Sibling rivalries
Bones of contention
Bets unresolved
Houses divided
He said / She said
Political impasses
Boundary disputes
Neighbourly conflicts
Breaches of friendship
Ancient history
International incidents

&c ...

Production notes

This design was embroidered by hand on Egyptian cotton before photographing. The text is hand drawn in ink.

Approx. 8 x 10 inches
(it is the only vertical certificate)

Printed in colour
on card-weight paper